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This Is Why You Need to Hike the Elk Mountain Trail in Idaho

Are you hoping that your next vacation gives you a breath of fresh air? Well, you can literally breathe in the fresh, mountain air on a trip to the Gem State. The Elk Mountain Trail in Idaho provides visitors with fantastic hiking and biking opportunities through forests, meadows, and rocky outcroppings. It’s just one of the many great ways to make the most of your time in the Sawtooth Mountain wilderness.

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Your Guide to Trekking the Elk Mountain Trail in Idaho

Getting There

It’s easy to drive from Elk Mountain from Triangle C Cabins. Just take a left onto Highway 21 and follow the road for about four miles before taking another left onto Stanley Lake Road. Follow this road to the lake, and you’ll find parking at the Stanley Lake Trailhead. 

Hiking Elk Mountain Trail

The Elk Mountain Trail near Stanley, Idaho, consists of an 11-mile loop circling the mountain. The trailhead is a two-mile hike from the parking area near Stanley Lake, so take that into account when planning your visit. Once you officially reach the path, there is plenty of beautiful mountain scenery to gaze at while walking. Thick forests, rocky peaks, and meadows provide plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities along the way. The Elk Mountain Trail also boasts exciting mountain biking for those with some experience under their belt. 

Trail Difficulty

The Elk Mountain Trail in Idaho features an easy to moderate difficulty rating. The incline of the first portion of the path is a little strenuous, but aside from some rocky stretches, most visitors should be able to tackle this trail with relative ease. Mountain biking here requires more experience if you want to enjoy a safe ride.

Please Respect Nature

Here at Triangle C Cabins, we love the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains. We ask that you help us keep this incredible place pristine and natural for visitors in the future. Check up on the rules of the Sawtooth Wilderness Area here.

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