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Everything You Need to Know About Horseback Riding in Stanley, Idaho

There are plenty of incredible ways to experience the Sawtooth Mountains, but horseback riding in Stanley, Idaho, is one of the most unique. Hop in the saddle for a fun and exciting trek past stunning alpine lakes, along beautiful mountain ridges, and through dense forests. Some of the best views accompany every ride near our beautiful mountain oasis!

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The Best Places to Go Horseback Riding in Stanley, Idaho

Redfish Lake Corrals

Redfish Lake Corrals offers some of the best horseback riding in Stanley, Idaho. This branch operation of Mystic Saddle Ranch provides top-notch trail rides through the breathtaking terrain of the Sawtooth Mountains. The stables are right next to Redfish Lake Lodge, providing guests from all four of our properties in the area with a fantastic and easily accessible location! You can take the Redfish Lake Shuttle from Triangle C Cabins, so you don’t have to worry about driving. 

You’ll discover a selection of five different Stanley, Idaho, horseback riding options. There is a one-hour ride, a one and a half-hour ride, a two-hour ride, a half-day ride, and an all-day ride. Each one varies in difficulty, but if you’re a beginner, you the one to two-hour rides are fantastic choices. You’ll experience an array of gorgeous terrain and sights regardless of which trip you choose!

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Mystic Saddle Ranch

Mystic Saddle Ranch is the premier horseback riding company in Stanley, Idaho. They offer an incredible selection of eight different trail rides and four wilderness pack trips for the entire family! In addition to the trail rides near Redfish Lake at Redfish Lake Corrals, Mystic Saddle Ranch features a handful of Marshall Lake rides, Bench Lakes rides, a Hell Roaring Lake ride, and an Alice Lake ride. These adventures combine some of the most awe-inspiring views and scenery in all of the Gem State. 

The wilderness pack trips are great ways to experience the Sawtooths customized to your liking. Whether you want to fish, do some hiking, or cover tons of ground without packs weighing you down, you can book it through Mystic Saddle Ranch. They even offer unique hunting trips depending on the season.

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