Imogene Lake

What’s the Best Way to Hike to Imogene Lake?

The Sawtooths are full of stunning mountains and picturesque lakes that are perfect for day hiking. If you want to experience these breathtaking views and beautiful sights, you need to enjoy the trek up to Imogene Lake. This body of water features plenty of great photo opportunities as well as some fantastic hiking. 

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How to Hike to Imogene Lake

Getting There

The best way to get to Imogene Lake is by taking the Hell Roaring Lake Trailhead. You can access the path by heading south on Highway 75 for 20 minutes until you reach NF-209. Take a right onto this road and then a left onto 315. This dirt road will come to a fork, and you will take a sharp right to continue on 315. This will weave and wind up a small mountain until you reach the parking area for the Lower Trailhead. Unless you have a vehicle with high ground clearance, you should park here, as the road to the Upper Trailhead is very rough and rocky.

Hiking From Hell Roaring Lake Trailhead

Your hike to Imogene Lake begins with a five-mile trek from the Lower Trailhead to Hell Roaring Lake (the hike from the Upper Trailhead is two miles). Once you reach the shore, you’ll branch off to the left onto Trail 092, which takes you along the southern end of the lake. This is where the path starts to become difficult. There are a few switchbacks that wind along the base of a mountain. 

After clearing the switchbacks, you’ll encounter several small lakes and a waterfall the rest of the way before reaching the shores of Imogene Lake. Make sure you pack your camera for the lake, as it’s one of the most stunning alpine sights in the Sawtooths. Once you take in the beautiful views and enjoy a snack, you can either take a full lap around the shore or start your trek back to Hell Roaring Lake!

Trail Difficulty

The hike to Imogene Lake contains some challenging stretches, most notably the four-mile portion of the path from Hell Roaring Lake. Most visitors can conquer this trail, but you still need to exercise caution, especially when hiking the switchbacks.

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