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7 of the Top Redfish Lake Hiking Trails

Central Idaho is an outdoor wonderland with dozens of excellent places to hike through the unique wilderness. You have easy access to the Redfish Lake hiking trail system that takes you past waterfalls, lakes, and beautiful alpine forests while offering up some of the best views in the region When vacationing in Stanley, ID. So, lace up your hiking boots, pack your bags, and get ready for some adventure! Request a copy of our free Adventure Guide for a detailed itinerary of the best places to see and things to do on your trip to Central Idaho!

Redfish Lake Hiking

The best way to access all of the following trails is with the Redfish Trailhead Boat Shuttle! The shuttle leaves on demand with two people and picks up five different times every day. It’s an easy and fun way to get to the best hiking trails in the area!

Fishhook Creek Trail | Easy

Fishhook Creek Trail is an easy 4.5-mile out and back trail that branches off from Redfish Lake. The beautiful wildflowers and views of Horstmann Park make this trek very popular with visitors looking for a leisurely hike.

Redfish Lake Inlet Trail | Moderate

If you’re looking for some slightly more challenging Redfish Lake hiking, the Redfish Lake Inlet Trail has a little bit of something for everyone. This path takes you around the southern point of the lake, where can experience stunning views of Mount Heyburn and Grand Mogul! You’ll experience a change in about 3,000-feet as you traverse the first 7.3 miles of this out and back trail, so make sure you stay safe and take breaks during your hike.

Bench Lakes Trail | Moderate

Trek high above Redfish Lake to a series of five smaller bodies of water on the Bench Lakes Trail. Wildlife viewing is a treat here, where you’ll often see deer, elk, and other mountain goats taking a break near the shores of these watering holes. The mountain views from this Redfish Lake hiking trail are fantastic, especially with Mountain Heyburn looming over you

Cramer Lakes Trail | Moderate

Cramer Lakes Trail takes you on a moderately difficult hike past the lower, middle, and upper Cramer Lakes. Depending on the season and how much snow is melting during your visit, the lower lake may flood part of the pathway. After making it up to the middle lake, a beautiful waterfall greets you with an ensemble of alpine trees and mountains in the background!

Tip: You’ll want to snap some pictures here, so bring a camera!

Lily Lake and Waterfall Trail | Moderate

The Lily Pond and Waterfall Trail is a must-see for guests wanting to go on a short hike with memorable scenery. This member of the Redfish Lake hiking trail group follows the creek from the lakeshore for about a half-mile to your final destination. You’ll first encounter the tranquil Lily Lake. As you take a deep breath of fresh air and gaze at the reflection of the Sawtooth Mountains on the glass-like surface, you’ll hear a slight buzz from around the corner. As you traverse the final quarter-mile of the short hike, a section of Redfish Lake Creek greets you with the thunderous roar of rushing water.

Alpine Lake Trail | Moderate/Difficult

For those desiring a slightly more strenuous hike, Alpine Trail combines a mix of rocky switchbacks with a series of small drainage creeks that present a challenge. The reward for braving one of the most difficult Redfish Lake hiking trails is a breathtaking view of Alpine Lake with trees and craggy peaks surrounding the dark blue water. Portions of the path are very steep as you near the lake, so be aware of slippery rocks.

Marshall Lake Trail | Moderate/Difficult

The Marshall Lake Trail affords visitors one of the best views in the Sawtooth Mountains. Once you branch off from the Fishhook Creek Trail, you’ll begin a rapid ascent after you pass Marshall Lake and head up to the top of the Marshall Ridgeline. Here, you’ll experience sweeping views of the towering rocky peaks scraping the clouds in the distance. You can either take a break to enjoy the sights and a snack here or follow the ridgeline further until it plunges back down into the thickly shrouded alpine forest.

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