Things to do in downtown Stanley, ID

Things to do in downtown Stanley, Idaho

Downtown Stanley, Idaho is unlike anything you have ever seen! Downtown Stanley life is met with a great small town Idaho dirt road flair – great restaurants, a few fun bars, and live music! It has fewer people and a spectacular view of the Sawtooth Mountains and feels like you are stepping back into an old time paradise. Come hang out with the locals and enjoy the simple life in downtown Stanley. Here are our favorite things to do in downtown Stanley, ID.

Delicious Dinner Eats in Stanley, Idaho

Stanley, Idaho might be a small town, but you will never find better food than you will here, we guarantee it. Here are our four favorite places to eat in downtown Stanley. 

Mountain Village Resort– Has a great large dinner menu and is open year round.

Papa Brunee’s Pizza – If you are looking for a more casual, family-friendly environment, Papa Brunnees is the place! They have created some very delicious and interesting pizza combinations that you can’t get anywhere else. So, grab a slice, take a seat, and enjoy some much-needed time with family and friends at this yummy local restaurant.

Sawtooth Hotel– The Sawtooth Hotel is full of historic charm and outstanding food, and has a great patio with awesome outdoor seating and views. 

Sawtooth Luce’s– Has outdoor seating, great burgers and a chill casual atmosphere that is a lot of fun. 

Stanley Supper Club– The Stanley Supper Club will surprise you with great cakes, picnic dishes and thoughtful delicious food! 

Stanley Street Dances 

Thursday nights here in Stanley, Idaho are very fun. Mid June through late August awesome bands set up on a stage in front of the Kasino Club a great bar in Stanley, and turn Ace of Diamonds into an awesome dirt road party. Join the locals for a drink, great food, and upbeat music during your stay. The street dance typically starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 10 pm. Meet some new friends and dance the night away at this small-town party. It is a wonderful scene and a fantastic way to spend a Thursday night, and one of the best things to do in downtown Stanley, ID.

The Stanley Museum

Want a quieter day doing things in downtown Stanley, Idaho? Then we suggest learning about the history of  downtown Stanley, Idaho, and the Sawtooth Valley? Visit the Stanley Museum any day of the week from 11 am to 5 pm. It is located on State Highway 75 and has great views of the Salmon River and the Sawtooth Mountains. Built in 1933, the Stanley Museum was first used as the Ranger Station for the area, until the 1970s when the Sawtooth National Recreation Area was established. Now, it features different exhibits about the mining history, ranching history, and an old icehouse that was used back in the day. They also have a lecture series that happens every Friday at 5pm during the summer. Listen to experts talk about the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and learn about the history of the Sawtooth Valley. You might just become an expert yourself!

Downtown Stanley, Idaho is truly a wonderful place. Don’t let the low population of 69 people fool you – they all know how to show visitors a truly spectacular time. Come on down to Stanley, be a local for a day. After one day, you’ll want to be a local forever. And what better place to stay while you are here than Triangle C Cabins? We can offer you a wonderful place to relax and recoup from all your adventures right within walking distance of all of the things to do in downtown Stanley, ID! Come see us!


By Gabrielle Berry