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Why Your Next Corporate Retreat Should Be at Triangle C Cabins

Looking for an adventurous retreat for your team? Welcome to Triangle C Cabins, the ultimate retreat destination that combines the charm of rustic surroundings with modern conveniences, ensuring you have an experience like no other!

Here are the top reasons why Triangle C Cabins should be your next business retreat destination:

Varied Accommodations Suited to Every Need: Whether it’s for individuals wanting a quiet space to reflect, or for larger groups seeking a communal experience, Triangle C Cabins offers a range of options. From the 10 cozy hotel-room style cabins for individuals and couples, to the Triangle A Cabin, which has been designed with a bit larger groups in mind; to the Triangle C Lodge, a vast cabin providing community and privacy all in one! The choices ensure that everyone feels at home, and all of your teams’ needs are met.

Great Room

Space to Bond and Ideate: The star of your retreat will be the Triangle C Lodge. This new lodge with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms is a perfect combination of rustic luxury. The spacious kitchen, abundant indoor and outdoor gathering areas filled with natural light, and jaw-dropping mountain views are bound to inspire ground-breaking ideas. This lodge is not just the perfect large-group accommodation, but an experience in itself. High-speed internet and comfortable furnishings ensure that work continues seamlessly.


The Magic of Nature: The Sawtooths aren’t just a beautiful backdrop. They’re a playground for all! Nothing breaks the ice and sparks creativity quite like time together outside. Whether your team is taking a hike, capturing scenic beauty, or simply drawing inspiration from the majestic surroundings, the Sawtooths will spark creativity in all the best ways so your team can focus on brainstorming, strategy sessions, or even personal development.

Team Building Opportunities: Beyond just work, Triangle C Cabins offers plenty of opportunities for team-building. The vast lawns and outdoor spaces are perfect for activities, games, and workshops, ensuring you and your team have the opportunity to come back closer than ever.

An Experience to Remember: Every corporate retreat is an investment – in time, resources, and effort. By planning your retreat at Triangle C Cabins, you can be sure that this getaway yields rewards not just in terms of work, but also in a rejuvenated team with renewed enthusiasm and work ethic.

Back Deck

To sum it up, Triangle C Cabins offers more than just a place to stay. It offers an experience, an opportunity to reconnect, refresh, and reinvent. Whether it’s planning out the next big move for your organization or just taking time off to bond as a team, there’s no place quite like it. Book your stay at Triangle C Cabins today!

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