Alpine Lake in Idaho

Why Do You Need to Hike to Alpine Lake in Idaho?

If you’re searching for outdoor adventures in the Gem State, the Sawtooth Mountains are the place to visit. Our beautiful mountain range in the central region of the state offers plenty of hiking, rafting, wildlife viewing, photography, and stargazing opportunities. Alpine Lake in Idaho is one of our favorite hikes in the Redfish Lake area. You won’t want to miss out on the beautiful views and challenging aspects of this trek!

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Hiking From Redfish Lake to Alpine Lake in Idaho

Trail Details

The hike to Alpine Lake in Idaho begins at our sister property—the Redfish Lake Lodge. Drive your car to the Redfish Day Use parking lots located near Redfish Lake Lodge. If you would like to avoid finding your own parking, please contact the Triangle C front desk to schedule a free shuttle ride to and from the property. Once you arrive, take the boat shuttle across the lake to the Redfish Inlet Trailhead, where you will begin your 11-mile journey on this out and back trail. Roundtrip boat rides are $19.00, and one-way trips are $14.00. 

Follow the Redfish Inlet Trail as it follows Redfish Lake Creek past the peaks of Grand Mogul and Elephant’s Perch. Early in the season, when there is plenty of runoff from melting snow, you’ll need to hop over and between small drainage creeks flowing down the mountainside. When you reach a fork in the trail called Flat Rock Junction, take a right. This is where the hike to Alpine Lake starts to become difficult. A series of switchbacks leading up the side of a mountain pose a moderate challenge, albeit an enjoyable one. Once you reach the trail flattens out, you’ll find yourself on the edge of Alpine Lake! Soak in the beautiful views from the base of Packrat Peak, enjoy a quick snack, and then head back down the trail towards Redfish Lake!

Difficulty Level

The hike to Alpine Lake in Idaho is moderately difficult. While a good portion of the trek runs through a valley, once you turn right at Flat Rock Junction, it gets a little tricky. However, the well-maintained switchbacks and clear trails make for a safe journey without any major challenges. Between hopping creeks and steep ascents, you’ll get a great workout hiking this trail. But it’s worth it for the beautiful views!

Other Redfish Lake Hiking Trails

There are more than a handful of hikes aside from Alpine Lake in Idaho. Fishhook Creek Trail, Bench Lakes Trail, and Cramer Lake Trail are all easy to moderate journeys that you can easily access from the Redfish Lake Lodge. Of course, if you want to test out your climbing skills or book a Sawtooth Mountain Guides trip, Mountain Heyburn and Thompson Peak boast some of the best scenic views over the lake. Check out our hiking blog for more exciting details on some of our favorite hikes in the area!

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