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What Are the Best Ways to Explore the Pioneer Mountains in Idaho?

The Sawtooths offer some of the most scenic landscapes and exciting excursions in Idaho. But, sometimes it’s fun to get out and see what other nearby areas hold for outdoor enthusiasts. The Pioneer Mountains in Idaho offer lightly trafficked trails through some of the most picturesque terrain in the Gem State. So, if your goal is to see new places on your trip, take the path less traveled and experience beauty like never before. 

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Your Guide to Hiking and Biking the Pioneer Mountains in Idaho


There are several incredible places to hike in the Pioneer Mountains. Most trails here are relatively strenuous, so visitors looking for a leisurely stroll will want to stick to paths around Redfish Lake back in Stanley. Pioneer Mountain trails are not busy compared to others in the area, so this is a great spot to be one with nature.

The Long Gulch Loop is one of the more popular trails near Sun Valley. This hike includes plenty of fun but challenging up and downhill portions, with the halfway point being an old Pioneer Cabin boasting scenic views. Overall, the trail is an 8.8-mile round trip that most hikers will love.

If you want to experience a gorgeous mountain lake at the end of a moderately difficult path, then the Kane Lake Trail is for you. The scenery is nothing short of fantastic here, where the forests, mountains, and babbling streams are reminiscent of a Bob Ross painting. Needless to say, make sure you bring your camera along!

While it may not gain the same attention as other mountains in Idaho, a hike up to Hyndman Peak is great for those looking for a tough, but manageable climb. The 13.3-mile trek begins at the Johnstone Creek Trail off of Hyndman Creek Road. From there, you will slowly make your way up the east ridge of the 12,008-foot mountain (the ninth highest in the state and tallest in the Pioneer Mountains) until you reach the peak. There is no technical climbing portion to this hike, so you won’t need to pack any extra equipment. It’s still a tricky journey, though, and you should take caution and pack accordingly for a long day of walking. 

Mountain Biking

The Pioneer Mountains are home to the Corral Creek Mountain Bike Trail. This fast 12-mile roundtrip is full of wide-open sage fields, dense forests, and a large ravine named Uncle John’s Gulch. Riders of all experience levels will enjoy this trail for its mix of ease and beautiful scenery. The 6.7-mile loop is all singletrack, so always be on the lookout for oncoming traffic and hikers.

How Can I Get to the Pioneer Mountains?

Pioneer Mountain Access Points

There are three main access points to the Pioneer Mountains. Trail Creek Road and the Copper Basin feature entrances from the north that you can drive to on Sun Valley Road branching out of Ketchum. The easiest route for guests arriving from Stanley is Hyndman Creek Road. The entrance to this road is about six miles south of Ketchum, trimming about an hour off of your trip to the Pioneer Mountains. 

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