Best Rock Climbing in Idaho

3 of the Best Places to Go Rock Climbing in Idaho

Hiking in Central Idaho is an incredible experience. The Sawtooth Mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop with a variety of trails and treks. You can even take your outdoor adventure a step further by testing your skills at these Idaho rock climbing sites. Beautiful views await you at the top of these stunning peaks in the heart of our beautiful state.

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Book a Climb With Sawtooth Sawtooth Mountain Guides

Sawtooth Mountain Guides is your ticket to rock climbing in Idaho. They offer a variety of climbing trips and hiking excursions that encompass all skill levels. Not only does Sawtooth Mountain Guides provide trusted guides that know the area like the back of their hands. They also supply you with most of the necessary climbing equipment needed to traverse the incredible Sawtooth Mountains.

We strongly recommend that you consider booking a climbing tour with Sawtooth Mountain Guides for safety reasons. Regardless of your skill level, it can be extremely dangerous if you do not take the right precautions. Be safe and have fun!

The Top 3 Peaks for Rock Climbing in Idaho

Super Slabs

Super Slab, also known as the Redfish Slab, provides excellent rock climbing in Idaho. You can easily access the trailhead by taking the Redfish Lake shuttle boat. About two miles into your hike, you’ll find a wooden boardwalk, where you will continue until you see the faint climbers trail to your right. From there, it’s just 200 yards to the base of the slab! There are eight climbing routes here, making this one of the best areas to train for your rock climbing adventure on some of the more complex treks in the area.

Elephant’s Perch 

The Elephant’s Perch is one of the best rock climbing summits in the Sawtooths. This massive piece of stone is also accessible by way of the Redfish Lake shuttle boat. Once you disembark the shuttle, a three-mile hike to the base of the rock through Redfish Canyon awaits you. There are many routes you can travel along to reach the peak from the base camp area, but we recommend using Sawtooth Mountain Guides for the best experience. Trust us; you won’t want to miss out on this Idaho rock climbing adventure!

Warbonnet Peak

Warbonnet Peak provides an incredible Idaho rock climbing experience deep in the Sawtooth Mountains. It is about eight miles southwest of Redfish Lake, making it one of the more remote hikes you can access with Sawtooth Mountain Guides. Throughout this trek, you’ll encounter over 2,000 feet of scrambling and a short portion of technical climbing. While the technical portion isn’t too difficult with a guide, dangling 1,000 feet over ground on the final summit stretch. It’s a tiring climb, but the views from the peak are well worth the effort.

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