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Getaways From Boise, ID

Boise, Idaho is a truly awesome place to live! There is a reason that it is one of the fastest growing cities in the country! But sometimes a getaway from the “big city” is just what the doctor ordered! Whether it be for just a day, or for several nights, Stanley, Idaho and Triangle C Cabins provide the perfect outdoor getaway from Boise, Idaho for any season of the year. Getting out to Stanley, ID from Boise can clear your head, lighten your mood, and provide you with some much-needed perspective shift while taking in all that the Sawtooths have to offer. 

Something for every season:


Heaven is the Sawtooths in the summer  Redfish Lake Lodge offers outstanding marina rentals, food, horseback riding and a hikers’ boat shuttle. The Stanley Baking Company is a famous breakfast destination. And on top of all that there is world class hiking, fishing, rafting, climbing and mountain biking are all readily available. If you get bored in the Sawtooths in the summer, it is your problem, not ours. Check out our things to do page, or request our adventure guide for great information on all of these activities! Stanley, Idaho is also part of North America’s first Dark Sky Reserve, so the views at night are…. well, heavenly.


Us locals like to call spring “second winter” because the snow can be a little slow to concede to the next season. Snow on the valley floor through May is a typical sight, lasting mid to late June in the High Country. Hikes like Fishhook Creek Trail and Boundary Creek are usually accessible. Spring is a great time to rent a fat bike or take a hot springs tour. We love to go visit Yankee Fork Ghost town, or take a day drive to Sun Valley for lunch or dinner during this time of year!


Some of the best hiking of the year happens in the fall, before the snow falls there is unlimited access to all of the outdoor recreation available. Eat dinner at Limbert’s or rent a bike from Redfish Lake Lodge or Riverwear to explore the area. The Stanley to Redfish Bike trail is especially scenic this time of year, it’s one of our personal favorites.


There are many great winter events in Stanley, Idaho. The hockey tournament, Sawtooth Outdoor Bonspiel, and Winterfest to name a few we love! The Stanley High Country Inn provides an incredibly quaint and personal dining experience January through April. The adventurous can nordic ski, backcountry ski, rent a fat bike, or hike into Redfish or Stanley Lake. Those looking for something more relaxing can enjoy the peace and quiet of Stanley. Dine out, soak in a hot spring, or catch up on your favorite novel while bundled cozy in your cabin. The city of Stanley has a free ice skating rink with a breathtaking view of the Sawtooths!

During your getaway from Boise, Idaho we hope you will stay in one of our cozy cabins at Triangle C! We are located right on the edge of Stanley, and are in walking distance to all the fun. We also provide a complimentary shuttle to Redfish Lake Lodge during the summer!