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The Best Winter Sports in Stanley, ID

You probably already know about all the incredible summer recreational activities offered in Stanley, Idaho and the Sawtooth Mountains. The world-class hiking, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, and fishing are not a secret to any outdoor enthusiast who has access to the internet.  What remains more of a mystery is the incredible winter sports that are offered in Stanley, Idaho. So allow us to shed some light on why Stanley, Idaho offers some of the best winter sports and winter outdoor recreation in all of Idaho

First however, we cannot stress enough the importance of being trained before you head into the Sawtooth backcountry. It is imperative that you have avalanche training, the right gear, and the right buddy with you before you head off into the deep wilderness during the winter time. Below-zero temperatures and fast moving storms are all real possibilities, and it is so important to be prepared. Sawtooth Mountain Guides and the Sawtooth Avalanche Center offer incredible avalanche training courses, free resources and forecasts. We highly recommend taking advantage of their incredible websites, guides and wonderful staff. 

Here are our favorite Winter Sports in Stanley, Idaho

Winter sport

Backcountry Skiing:

This is one of our personal favorites. Backcountry or alpine tour skiing is one of the fastest growing sports in America. It provides skiers access to untouched powder staches and spectacular views and experiences. If it is your first time backcountry skiing, we recommend going out first with the Sawtooth Mountain Guides and taking advantage of all of the free and amazing resources that the Sawtooth Avalanche Center provides. Some of the popular areas to ski include Galena Summit to the south, and Banner Summit to the west. These areas are only about a 25 minute drive from Triangle C Cabins. 

Nordic Skiing:

While our Sun Valley southern neighbor is known for its world class nordic skiing, Stanley has a few hidden gems of its own that often fly under the radar. The Sawtooth Ski Club does a fantastic job of grooming outstanding ski trails at Alturas Lake (15 minutes away to the south) and Park Creek (10 minutes to the west).  

Couple in Idaho Snowmobiling


Some of our favorite places to snowshoe are the trail into Redfish Lake, and the area near Stanley Lake. The trail into Redfish Lake is well groomed, and sometimes just requires good winter boots. If you are looking for a bigger day, try snowshoeing into the Fishhook Creek drainage! Lower Stanley Country Store rents snowshoes and is a great little place to grab a snack or great souvenir and shop a great little store in Stanley. 


There is something for everyone when it comes to snowmobiling in the Sawtooth Valley! Check out Sawtooth Traxx (just blocks away from our cabins) for information on rentals and trails in the area. 

Ice Skating:

The City of Stanley provides an incredible ice skating rink located at the city park. Like the locals, you will find this rink to be full of personality. Free skates are available in the shed right adjacent to the rink and you may even catch a local pickup game.  Each year the Stanley Skate club has a great hockey tournament at the rink over Super Bowl weekend. 

Fat Tire Biking:

Another one of our personal favorites! There are many places that you can take a fat tire bike to ride on the groomed trails in Stanley. Our favorite places include riding into Redfish Lake from Stanley or riding in the foothills of Stanley (Nip & Tuck). You may rent fat tire bikes right at Triangle C Cabins, so let us know if we can help you get out on an adventure! 

Book Your Cabin:

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