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What You Need to Know About Sawtooth Adventure Company

Central Idaho is home to some of the most unique landscapes in the country. While you can explore a good portion of these without assistance, there are some that require an extra level of expertise from a local. The Sawtooth Adventure Company allows visitors to traverse mountains, raft down the Salmon River, and explore various other areas that are challenging to navigate without a guide. 

For more ways to make the most of your time in the Sawtooth Mountains, be sure to request access to our complimentary Adventure Guide! 

Sawtooth Adventure Company Tour Offerings

Class III Rafting

If you and your family want to try something new and exciting, Class III rafting is the way to go. These trips contain easy to moderate levels of difficulty but still pack in all of the gorgeous scenery and fun that a classic whitewater rafting trip down the Salmon River. Sawtooth Adventure Company offers several different tours that include different offerings such as lunch or dinner.

Class IV Rafting

Class IV rafting on the Salmon River features a step up in the intensity levels of a trip. SAC requires that rafters are 13 years or older to sign up. You can choose from the high adventure raft with lunch or the high adventure combo (rafting and inflatable kayaking).

Scenic Trips

Sawtooth Adventure Company’s scenic trips are fantastic options for those who want to see the Sawtooths from the water without the thrill.

Inflatable Kayaking

Inflatable kayaking is an exciting way to navigate your way through the Salmon River rapids. You can choose from a kayak trip with lunch or without lunch, depending on whether you want to take a morning or afternoon excursion.

Mountain Biking

Although we offer mountain biking as one of our premium Adventure Bundles here at Triangle C Cabins, Sawtooth Adventure Company has a half-day guided mountain bike tour through the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. They provide you with a great opportunity to see the sprawling mountain meadows and breathtaking vistas in our beautiful Central Idaho wilderness.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

If you want to paddleboard on Little Redfish or Stanley Lake, Sawtooth Adventure Company rents out these high-performance boards for three to five hours. Leisurely paddling around one of these lakes is a fantastic way to take in the alpine landscapes near Stanley. Check out our blog on the other top rafting companies in the area for more options along the Salmon River!

Tip: While packing for your trip to Stanley, make sure you bring multiple layers and non-cotton clothing if you’re planning on going whitewater rafting.

Plan Your Sawtooth Getaway

Triangle C Cabins is the perfect base camp for your Sawtooth Mountain Adventure. Our collection of cabins allows guests to experience staying in a rustic cabin while enjoying modern amenities in the heart of Stanley. You can also enhance your outdoor getaway by booking one of our Adventure Bundles!

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