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4 of the Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer on Redfish Lake

Sometimes you need to kick back and relax during your vacation, especially here in the Sawtooths. But don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of ways to stay cool this summer on Redfish Lake! From boating to swimming to hiking, the opportunities are endless at our mountain oasis! 

For more ways to make the most out of your Sawtooth Mountain experience, be sure to request access to our complimentary Adventure Guide! 

Stay Cool This Summer on Redfish Lake 

As a guest of Triangle C Cabins, you receive complimentary access to all of the amenities and activities at the Redfish Lake Lodge. You can even take a free shuttle to and from the property! 


The sandy beaches along the lake give guests a fantastic opportunity to stay cool this summer on Redfish Lake. Spread a towel out on the sand and read your favorite book, or splash around in the cool waters of our alpine lake. You can also enjoy the vast stretches of grass and our beach volleyball court while enjoying our sister property’s incredible amenities. 

Boating and Kayaking 

The Redfish Lake Marina offers a variety of rentals for visitors. You can take a pontoon boat for a spin, kayaking along the shore, or gently glide along our crystal-clear lake on a SUP. Spend your days soaking in the sunshine’s rays as you gaze out across our picturesque lake. Trust us; this is a fan favorite. 


There are several fishing spots on around Redfish Lake where you can sit in the shade and cool off. The Redfish Lake boat launch and Redfish Lake Creek Inlet are excellent places to cast a line in to catch a variety of trout. You can also find a few other great places to go fishing near the lake


You may not think it, but hiking is one of the best ways to stay cool this summer near Redfish Lake. There are tons of trails branching off from our Redfish property that take you through forests full of shade. Soak in gorgeous views of the Sawtooth Mountains and a collection of lakes as you weave and wind through our stunning wilderness. Check out some of our favorite nearby hiking trails! 

Plan Your Redfish Lake Getaway

Return to your cozy and comfy cabin at our Central Idaho oasis! Triangle C Cabins has everything you need for the perfect mountain getaway. Our accommodations feature rustic and convenient furnishings that put you just minutes away from some of the best adventures in the area. Enhance your stay with one of our Adventure Bundles! 

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Book your trip today and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime! You can also check out our three other properties around Stanley! We look forward to welcoming you to our mountain oasis.