The Best Spots to Take Photos in Stanley, Idaho

If you are in search of picturesque scenery and breath-taking views, grab your camera and head straight to the beautiful, quaint town of Stanley, Idaho. With stunning mountain backdrops, rustic cabins, and large mountain lakes, Stanley, Idaho is a photographers dream! Here are a few examples of some of our favorite locations to take pictures in this beautiful small town:

Redfish Lake Lodge

Redfish Lake is a must see for photographers of all abilities! This is why Redfish Lake Lodge is one of the best places to take photos in Stanley, Idaho. Redfish Lake is astonishing no matter the time of day. However, the best lighting is usually in the mornings or evenings. If you are into astrophotography, Redfish is the perfect place to catch a breathtaking view of the Milky Way.

Our Cabins

Triangle C can provide the perfect backdrop for your instagram post or cool photo. The cabins have beautiful colorful custom made Idaho chairs, and beautiful stained log walls. The property also has fantastic views of the Sawtooths from your porch or the fire pit and lawn area. We love to watch the sunset over the Sawtooths every night! Each of our cabins has a unique and beautiful view of the amazing Sawtooth Mountain range.

Sawtooth National Forest

The Sawtooth National Forest is known for its sharp, rigid mountains, clear water lakes, scenic trails, and the best spots to take pictures in Stanley, Idaho. There are stunning views that every photographer wants to capture. Come adventure around the Sawtooth National Forest during any season and on any trail or road. 

Things to do in downtown Stanley, ID

Boat Box Hot Springs

One of the most popular places in Stanley, Idaho for instagramable photography is Boat Box Hot Springs. This natural hot spring is located right off Highway 75, outside Lower Stanley. Boat Box has integrated not only a natural hot spring with the slow, rushing river beside it but its own  unique tub in which photographers from everywhere around the world come to see and experience! This hot spring has brought much attention to this town as it is the perfect place to relax and one of the best spots to take photos in Stanley, Idaho. 

Now that we have given you the best spots to take pictures in Stanley, Idaho, weโ€™d love to see you at our Triangle C Cabins this summer! This small town is filled with many places which photographers dream about. Therefore, donโ€™t be afraid to change that depth of field and look at what Stanley, Idaho, can offer you with picturesque scenery and breathtaking views. We promise youโ€™ll walk away with some of your favorite photos yet!