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Three Family-Friendly Bike Rides in the Sawtooths

If you’re looking for a fun and active family vacation, consider exploring the Sawtooth Mountains on a family bike ride! With diverse terrain and breathtaking views, the Sawtooths offer plenty of trails to choose from for riders of all ages and skill levels. Let’s explore three fantastic bike rides in the Sawtooths: The Stanley to Redfish Trail, The Stanley Lake Loop, and The Orion Trail. Each of these trails offers a unique and memorable experience, so pack your bikes, book your stay at the Triangle C Cabins, and let’s get started! If you need a bike check out Balance Bike Works in Stanley! They have electric bikes, hard tail and full suspension bikes for every type of rider!

The Stanley Lake Loop

For families seeking a shorter ride with minimal elevation gain, the Stanley Lake Loop is an excellent option. Beginning at the Stanley Lake Trailhead, this 2-mile loop takes riders through meadows leading toward Lady Face and Bridal Veil Falls. Veer left at the first fork in the trail, and follow the creek inlet back to Stanley Lake. The gentle terrain and stunning views of Mt McGown make this ride perfect for young children or those new to biking. Riders will love cooling off in the shallow, sandy stream that accompanies them along the final stretch of this beautiful trail.

The Stanley to Redfish Trail

Starting at Pioneer Park, the Stanley to Redfish Trail is a great 5-mile family bike ride that takes riders through picturesque fields with panoramic views of the Sawtooth Mountains, and connects into the road to Redfish Lake Lodge. Along the way, you may spot local elk and pronghorn herds grazing in the area. This trail is perfect for families looking to enjoy a leisurely ride through the stunning Sawtooths, with plenty of opportunities for memorable photos and wildlife sightings. The moderate terrain makes it accessible for riders of a wide range of abilities!

The Orion Trail

The Orion Trail offers a short yet scenic family bike ride along the edge of Redfish Lake. Starting at the Outlet Campground, this paved trail is perfect for families with young children or those looking for a leisurely ride. One of the best features of the Orion Trail is its access to Redfish Lake’s shoreline. With numerous spots to stop and let little ones cool off in the lake or play on the beach, this trail provides the perfect combination of outdoor activity and relaxation. For those seeking a longer adventure, feel free to explore additional campground trails along the lake, offering more spectacular views and opportunities to spot wildlife.

The Sawtooth Mountains are a wonderful destination for your next family bike ride! With trails like the Stanley to Redfish Trail, the Stanley Lake Loop, and the Orion Trail, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. At the end of the day, bring your crew back to Triangle C Cabins to relax and enjoy a Sawtooth sunset from your very own porch, or unwind with a campfire and some family games on the lawn. No matter what kind of family biking adventure you’re in the mood for, Triangle C Cabins in the Sawtooth Mountains will provide the perfect setting for your family’s next biking excursion. So gather your loved ones, pack your bikes, and book a stay at Triangle C Cabins today!

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