Everything You Need to Know About the Salmon River Scenic Byway

There’s nothing like the rush of getting near your destination and knowing you’re close. If you’re coming to Triangle C Cabins, there is a chance you might take the Salmon River Scenic Byway or enjoy a relaxing drive on it during your stay. Discover all the amazing things to do and see in our area when you access our complimentary Adventure Guide!

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About the Salmon River Scenic Byway

Centuries ago, Lewis and Clark embarked on their Corps of Discovery Expedition. As the first American expedition to explore the western part of the country, they discovered the beauty of Central Idaho for themselves. The Salmon River Scenic Byway follows part of their route! Found along the Salmon River, you will be treated to some of the most stunning views in the area as you drive.


The Salmon River Scenic Byway is 162 miles of beauty. You will get to drive through forest-lined gorges, past granite outcroppings, and around ghost towns. If you’d like, there are several stops along the way that can help you learn about the area. Otherwise, you could spend hour after hour marveling the beauty as you’re on the road.

Stops You Can’t Miss

Stanley Museum

If you’re embarking on the Salmon River Scenic Byway from Triangle C Cabins, the Stanley Museum will be one of your first stops. This is a great way to learn about the town’s mining and ranching past. The museum itself is in a former Valley Creek Ranger Station, and you can see artifacts from many years ago.

Sunbeam Hot Springs

Relax during your drive at the Sunbeam Hot Springs! These springs are right along Highway 75, so you won’t have to go far to find them. The boulders guard them from view as you drive, but you can’t miss the steam traveling up from the warm water. Covered changing areas are even available by these five pools so you can dry off before hopping back in your car.

Salmon Spawning Beds

As you keep traveling the Salmon River Scenic Byway, you will come across what was once the spawning beds for salmon in Indian Riffles. Many years ago, thousands of chinook and sockeye salmon migrated here to spawn. Locals recall that the fish would travel here in such high numbers that you could not step foot in the river without stepping on multiple salmon at a time!  

Tips for Traveling

As you travel the Salmon River Scenic Byway, keep in mind that you are in rural Idaho. Always make sure you have enough gas, and pack water and food in case of an emergency. Know that there is cell service in Challis and Salmon and partial in Stanley and North Fork. Lastly, bring a map in case you want to explore a little and don’t have service.

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